What is Norma’s Challenge?

We are a group of women who bonded together from our own experience with breast cancer.

As Survivors, we are thankful for our continuing health, and we draw inspiration from Norma Dinwiddie, to whom we originally dedicated our group, and Terri Edgar, who spearheaded our first Norma's Challenge Golf Tournament. These women did not survive their battle with breast cancer, but their strength, dignity, and courage while dealing with adversity was remarkable. Our motivation continues through them, and Norma's Challenge has become their legacy.

We are especially proud that we have been able to provide free mammograms to uninsured women, and ultrasounds if warranted. This October will be our Third Annual "Free Mammogram Day." Last year we doubled the number of women receiving free services from the previous year, and this year we hope to again double the number.

Norma's Challenge Mission...

Our mission is to raise breast cancer awareness, offer support, and provide educational materials to people in our community. It's that simple! We are living proof that Early Detection of breast cancer can save lives. It is essential that every woman develop an early detection plan.